Stanley Tylon Tape
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Stanley Tylon Tape
  • Entire Blade coated with ylar polyester film for added durability
  • 16'' and 19.2'' stud center markings simplify farming jobs
  • Compact, ergonomic case is 10% smaller than PowerLock classic tapes, making it perfect for smaller settings
  • ABS, shock- poof,chrome steel case
  • 3-rivet, corrosion-resistant hook moves for accurate inside/outside measurements
  • Forward blade lock design simplifies locking and unlocking the blade
  • Wear plate protects case from cuts and nicks
  • Belt clip on back of case
                            Blade Length                              Blade Width
SKU# Feet Meter Inches mm vix/ctn RM
STHT30696-8 16' 5 1'' 25 6/36 30.50
STHT30656-8 26' 8 1'' 25 6/36 48.00

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